The Magic Of Wine In Cooking

At least once, we have been enticed by a wine’s hypnotic spell hidden under its savory taste and pleasant aroma. With each sip we take, the more enthralled we get. The next thing we know, we’ve already finished a bottle in the last hour. It’s the magic of wine that’s turning us into enslaved creatures hungry for more pleasure. Alone, a wine does a lot for a person. But what if we take that singular power of a wine and add a little mixture to the concoction? I’m talking about food and wine together in a single mixture that may be the best thing you’ve ever tasted or a waste of two good things.

One can only expect that the task at hand may be difficult to achieve. That is why, to aid in one’s journey in attaining the best or perfect combination that can result from using wine in cooking, I have prepared a few tips and guidelines. They are the following:

  • Cooking with a wine you couldn’t drink, can result in a bad dish. A poor quality wine with unnecessary flavors may add them to the dish, and you don’t want your dish to be having those unsatisfactory flavors. The dish you have been working so hard on will be spoiled just because you didn’t buy the pricey wines. You would fully know the worth of that expensive wine after you have tasted your straight-from-heaven’s-oven cuisine. You should also avoid the use cooking wines. Most of them are just cheap wines disguised with a few flavors to make you think it’s rare and exquisite.
  • Take into the consideration the components of the wine and the flavor of the dish. Wine contains a lot of components which may show up on the dish. To maintain the balance, check the recipe and analyze if your wine is appropriate for the dish. You may end up with a terrible dish if you use the wrong styles and combinations. A dry wine has few natural sugar components and tends to be more alcoholic. A sweet wine contains more natural sugar components that come from the grapes. This can help you maintain a balance between amounts of alcohol versus sweetness. Also, different kinds of wine can be appropriate for different kinds of dishes. An aromatic white wine would be appropriate for a dish that has a mixture of spicy or bold flavors since it would act as a countermeasure against the heavy spices, balancing the dish. A powerful dry red wine can enhance the heartiness of a dish. But if you prefer a lighter dish, then a less powerful wine would be appropriate. Wine can sometime give off subtle flavors of familiar foods. White wine may come off as melon, apple, vanilla, pears, mushrooms and etc. Red wine may taste like berries, cherries, oranges, chocolate and many more. You can give emphasis on these flavors by mixing wine in dishes that contain these flavors.
  • Wine is flexible. Wine can be applied in numerous ways when it comes to cooking. Wine goes great with marinating. As an acid ingredient, wine can tenderize the outside of the meat. It adds a bit of bonus flavor to the meat when marinating. Your meat gets tendered and acquires an additional flavor. Wine does not only limit to cooking. Wine can be used for baking too. In some types of cakes, it is used to lighten and add complimentary flavors.

By flexible, I also mean how wine can be enjoyed with food. Wine is best serve chilled, and the best way to chill wines is by wine coolers. There are a lot of wine coolers out there. You can check online for some wine cooler reviews and pick out what’s suitable for you.

  • Try something new. All of the existing styles, combinations and recipes are just a tiny spec on the circle of possible wine mixtures. You can help to expand this spec by adding a dash of your own style in known techniques. Much better if you could create something of your own invention. Record your creation and share it to the world. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. The journey may sometimes be better than the destination.

I have laid out a few tips and tricks for you to use in the kitchen. You have the choice to do anything you want about it. You can add some adjustments, improvise some parts or even revise the whole thing. I would also be glad to hear from you and your ideas. You can send some of your suggestions and ideas to me later on.

The magic of wine is dispelled not only as a drink but also as a food additive. Each and every drop seeps into the corners of the dish to create a majestic concoction. We, the wizards of the kitchen, are the masterminds behind this creation. We must never forget why we cook or who we cook it for because it will serve as the source of all our magic. But most of all, never forget to have fun during the process.

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