I have a Miata 2002 SE. 2 weeks ago, I changed to Tein coilover and my first impression is going to share in this Tein Street Basis Coilovers review.

Introduction about my Tein coilover

Brand Tein
Item Weight 54 pounds
Product Dimensions 20.2 x 12.3 x 7.3 inches
Item model number GSB90-1USS2
Manufacturer Part Number GSB90-1USS2
OEM Part Number GSB90-1USS2
Tein coilover review
Tein coilover review

The Street Basis damper is the evolution of the popular BASIC coilover. Developed to provide a sporty ride feeling and aggressive stance. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Vehicle ride height is adjustable via the ZT coated threaded sleeve. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Street Basis dampers are great for daily driving and spirited driving for all types of drivers.

Made in Japan under strict quality control standards and developed by highly trained suspension engineers.

Additional Features

  • Steel Construction
  • Twin Tube internal construction
  • Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm)
  • Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
  • Powder coated damper body
  • Non-welded ZT coated Adjustment Tube
  • Full-Length Dust Boots
  • 1-piece Aluminum Spring Seat with Delrin Thrust Washer
  • Available for Overhaul
  • 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

My Tein Street Basic Coilover review


I have had my car for about 2 years now and I have always been kinda upset with the amount of body roll that stock nb's have out of the factory. I wanted to be able to take on/off ramps with more confidence and also get rid of some of the excessive wheel gap that the car had. I also wanted to be able to autocross on them occasionally, and be some what competitive. In the beginning of my research I was looking at ordering springs and shocks separately, but after looking at some different combinations, and getting some different opinions, I could not decide on a combination that would best fit my needs and price range. I began to think about the possibility of purchasing a coilover kit, but I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money. I began to look at several coilovers in the high price range. I pretty much saw the Tein's and became locked on them almost immediately. I read the reviews of not only miata owners with the coilovers installed, but I also browsed the other popular car forums for other owner's opinions. Almost every review I read talked very highly of the coilover kit so I was fairly certain that that was the choice for me. I did some research as well on other competitive coilovers in the price range. The Megan EZ Streets were one of the first competitors I looked into, but after some searching I decided against them because some repetitively bad reviews I read about the build quality of the product as well as the coilover not being a typical miata used product. Another product that I looked into were the Tecna Coilovers from 949 Racing. For me the #1 reason I did not purchases these is because I did not have the patients to wait till October for the product to release then wait around for reviews to come out on the product. So I decided on ordering the Tein Street Basis from 949 racing and within a week they were sitting on my doorstep.


After staring at the coilovers for about 4 days, while they sat in my garage, I woke up on a Sunday morning and began the install. A few tools to have handy would be; a wide variety of regular and deep sockets, a breaker bar, socket extension, Alan Wrench set, Crescent Wrench, PB Blaster/WD40/Some sort of lubricant, and many many more, these are just some that are off the top of my head.

Overall the install was not to bad. My father and I began the installation and a friend of mine (another miata owner) came and helped out on the install later in the day. All 3 of us were your typical DIY mechanics. The rear suspension was very easy to assemble/reassemble and the removing of the shocks/springs were very simple. At first glance the instruction manual provided by Tein can be very hard to read and understand, but after the assembly of the first 2 coilovers it became a walk in the park.

Once the coilovers were installed in the rear I adjusted them to the standard ride height that was provided by Tein in the manual and moved on to the front. The front was a little more tricky than the rear. The disassemble of the front suspension was a little confusing at first because we could not get the spring and shock out by just removing the endlinks and lower control arm like we did in the rear.

SO, we figured out that the upper control arm need to be removed in order to remove the existing spring/shock which was a little bit of a pain because there is a bolt that is about 8 inches long that has to be removed/reinstalled. Other than that the installation of the front coilovers went smoothly...oh wait I forgot to mention that I dropped the LAST NUT that screwed onto the upper mount way down into the engine bay. So after a very long Easter egg hunt for the nut I went down to the Autozone and picked up another 15mm nut.

First Impressions

Without even driving the car yet I was so impressed. It defiantly gave the car the lower/sportscar look that every miata should have had. With the standard settings of ride height that Tein suggested, the car looked great while still retained full wheel rotation without body rub.

Now to the fun part, the driving. When I got behind the wheel of the car and began to drive it I had to look down a few times to make sure this was still my car. The car felt so much more nimble and agile than the previous stock setup. The real difference is felt in the handling and the stiffness of the suspension. I now can feel confident entering turns at high speeds because of the lack of body roll the coilovers provide. After taking it on and off a few exit ramps I knew that this was the product I was looking for.

  • Ride
    • Here comes some of the stuff people don't want to hear. The setup IS stiff! I'm not going to lie, the spring rates are few stiff for a DD, but it is not unbearable. The roads I have to drive on daily are absolutely SUCK (Leave it to SC). The ride is bumpy and there is alot more road/car noise than there was before (my top tends to rattle a lot but with the top down its not big deal at all), but on good pavement the car feels absolutely fine. I just recently made a 240 mile (round trip) road trip with the suspension. The drive was mostly interstate travel (once again SC roads really really suck).
    • My grandfather (65 years young) and I (17 years old) both embarked on this journey together. For me it was not to bad of a ride, but I am in my prime I guess you would say. As for my grandfather, he saw a little sore in the lower back, but that was mostly contributed to the all day standing that he was faced with (Wish I would have got more of his opinion, something I will work on getting within the next few days from him).
    • Overall the ride is not to bad but it definitely favors those who don't mine a real sports's car'ish feel.
  • Tuning
    • Last week I went and had the car aligned which was the icing on top for me. After the car was properly aligned, the car wanted more and more around every turn, and it felt as if it was never satisfied no matter how fast I took a turn.
  • First Autocross on the Coilovers
    • OK, first autocross on the coilovers, and first autocross I had ever competed in. The car felt absolutely great, the course was basically a whole lot of slaloming which set up really good for me and the car. The car was a tad oversteer'y but that was expected/welcomed.
    • For running an almost stock NB in STR, on crappy tires and stock wheels, and It being my first time auto rossing I felt as if Me/the Car did an OK job. I was about a 1.5 sec off the STR leader but only a .5 sec off second.


I am absolutely pleased with the Tein Street Basis Coilovers both aesthetically and performance wise. The install is generally pretty easy and a typical DIY mechanic could finish the job in a couple of hours. The manual is a little skimpy but with careful reading everyone should be fine. The ride is a little rough, but honestly not too bad for relatively short commutes. Even for the longer trips the ride is not too bad, but is ultimately dependent on the road conditions you are driving on. I would highly recomend this to anyone who is looking for better performance out of there miata or just simply needs to change out the existing spring/shocks.

I hope that someone, somewhere, maybe ever so slightly found this helpful. Feel free to leave me a comment or a question on something and I will do my best to give you an accurate answer. Thanks to anyone who read the whole thing.

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I just wanna share my experience with Godspeed Mono MAX coilover. And maybe the title of this article will be changed to Godspeed Mono MAX coilover Review 😀

I was in the market of budget coilover (less the $1000) Because I wanna try and see how they are compare with higher end coilover like the Tein SRC coilover that I used to have.

After researching on the internet and I decided to try the Godspeed Mono MAX coilover because the good review and great track lap time that they are doing. And finally, I purchased my coilovers from Amazon.

GodSpeed Coilover Review package
GodSpeed Coilover Review package

The coilover is pair with 8kg in the front and 10kg in the rear which I think its a very good setup for street tires. they are 32 way single adjustable, which is good to the driver who doesn't know how to fine tune a suspension.

The packaging was very nice, protected the coilover pretty good. when I taking the coilover out from the box, I already noticed that the quality of the coilover is very very nice, it doesn't seems like a low budget coilover compare to my Tein SRC coilover.

GodSpeed Mono MAX Coilover Specs

  • Monotube Shock Body Design; 40 Levels of Damper Settings For Precision Control; Aluminum And Carbon Steel Accessories
  • Spring rates: Front: 8 kg/mm / Rear: 10 kg/mm
  • Independent Ride Height And Spring Preload Adjustment
  • High Viscosity Index Italian Made Shock Oil
  • 12 Months Warranty Fro Date of Purchase

GodSpeed Mono MAX Coilover Description

Godspeed Project's MonoMAX is our premier single-adjustable coilover suspension kit. These coilovers are designed to be a streetable race built coilover at an affordable price. It features a monotube damper that is made out of a carbon seamless steel 52mm tube with a 44mm internal piston providing maximum damper response. The cold-bent springs are made from high strength SAE9252 steel to optimize the balance between performance and comfort. Using high quality shock oil made in Italy, Godspeed Project can guarantee exceptional damper performance at any temperature on and off the track. The top of the shock is attached to the car using a high quality top hat that features a high performance bearing pillow ball mount (when applicable). The bottom shock brackets are made out of a T7075 forged aluminum or carbon steel brackets for lighter weight without sacrificing durability which also includes brake line brackets (when applicable). The GodSpeed Mono MAX offers 40 level of damper adjustability which can be set to your preference.



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Yonaka Motorsports is proud to introduce our all new SPEC II (TC2) coilover set for the 2012+ Scion FR-S, with 32 way fully adjustable dampening, pillow ball bushing, and adjustable camber plates. Designed with the advanced street driver or track day in mind, the Yonaka coilover Spec II TC2 is specifically engineered to accommodate even the most intense driving styles.

Featuring of Yonaka Coilover

  • 32 Level Fully Adjustable Dampening
  • Pillow ball bushing
  • Adjustable camber plates (3 degrees camber adjustment)
  • All Aluminum Upper Mounts
  • 0-4" Height adjustment
  • Fully threaded dual tube advanced shock absorber
  • Inner bump stop to prevent damage cause by rapid compression impacts
  • Wide range of height adjustment without changing the spring compression.
  • Bottom of the shock is threaded to allow height adjustments without having to shorten the suspension travel
  • Rubber dust shield protecting piston for long life
  • Adjustment tools included
  • 1 year warranty against factory defects

Spring rates

  • Front springs: 6kg
  • Rear springs: 8kg

Install Yonaka Coilover (photos)

Yonaka Coilover Review 1
Yonaka Coilover Review 1
Yonaka Coilover Review 2
Yonaka Coilover Review 2
Yonaka Coilover Review 3
Yonaka Coilover Review 3
Yonaka Coilover Review 4
Yonaka Coilover Review 4


I got to put about 10 miles on them so far. I plan to put a lot more on them tonight and tomorrow, but I had to come home to make dinner.

I am currently setup on 18 clicks front and rear, which is probably a little stiffer than most would want to daily drive, but I have always driven stiff cars on the street so I am ok with this.

The quality of the parts is great. Nice top plates, high quality finish on the bodies and other parts.

The fit and finish is excellent and everything went together very fast and very easy.
I will try to put a few more miles on this setup and get a full Review Yonaka Coilover.

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The bellow photos should hopefully give you a better understanding of the Raceland coilover kit and how it compares to what came on these cars from the factory. I first installed a Raceland coilover kit on my M3 after being very impressed by the ride quality of a friends E46. After several months as a satisfied customer, the M3 was fitted with TC-Kline coilovers that offered damper adjustability that would be more suited to track use. However, on the street the difference was hardly noticeable. If anything, I found that the Racelands were a bit more forgiving for daily use (Most likely due to the softer spring rates).

Here I go! I got these because I was in the market for a cheap height adjustable suspension while I make my final decision for the suspension that I want to keep long term. The Tecnas are described like my dream suspension so they're worth waiting for. I have no intentions of slamming my car or going really low. I paid for their base coilover with free shipping. I measured all 4 corners by the shock body thread when adjusting the height so I don't have a fender to hub measurement but as far as wheel gap with my tire and wheel choice, if you take your index and middle finger together, you can fit them upright (like pointing a gun) snug between the tire and fender. This leaves a good amount of travel and I haven't hit the bump stops.

I actually didn't expect them to be great as I was only doing this mainly for boredom of my 80K mile GR2's and out of strong curiosity and potential disagreement from most of the kids over at Clubroadster. I underestimated the units themselves.

No fitment issues, and the collars don't rub the axles since I'm not slammed so plenty of clearance there. I took these out to a windy road near my house and immediately noticed how much more responsive the car was and how much more I could feel what I was doing. On the way there hitting some rough patch roads, the car felt almost stock and for a second I forgot I was on a new setup.

Before the setup, I was using Racing Beat front and rear sway bars, 23mm/16mm. The spring rates are 400/350 so I plugged all of this into the FCM calculator and apparently if I went back to the stock 12mm rear sway, it puts me at 50.0% front rear couple and that is very apparent, it feels very neutral.

I am not comparing these to anything performance wise, but I have ridden on Xidas (7thSon), Bilsteins w/FM springs (suspiciousmind), Fortune Auto 500 coilovers (Friend with old NB) and quite a few others. If we're talking about comfort, they are far more comfortable than the Fortunes and that's easily setup. They're not better than Bilsteins and let's not use their name and Xida in the same sentence but they are definitely a bargain for an everyday driver coilover for someone who doesn't want to go too low and wants adjustable height.

I have tried to put these through the ringer. I purposely took some crappy back roads to bring out their flaws, I just can't find anything to complain about. My advice for owning them: Use what they give you out of the box. Don't remove the helper springs, don't cut the bump stops down. These are progressive stops and they do their job. They're not jarring, they're not harsh, you just feel more of the road. I hope this thread is helpful for someone on a budget or having 2nd thoughts on these. Worse case scenario if you really hate them at an appropriate ride height, send them back. Cody at Raceland is a super nice guy and will help you out.

Unpackaged and laid out - Raceland Coilover Review 1
Unpackaged and laid out - Raceland Coilover Review 1
Front OEM comparison - Raceland Coilover Review
Front OEM comparison - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear OEM comparison - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear OEM comparison - Raceland Coilover Review
Front before - Raceland Coilover Review
Front before - Raceland Coilover Review
Front after (Zip-tie’s were temporary) - Raceland Coilover Review
Front after (Zip-tie’s were temporary) - Raceland Coilover Review
Driver side camber plate orientation (Caster and camber is adjusted simultaneously)
Driver side camber plate orientation (Caster and camber is adjusted simultaneously) - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear before - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear before - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear after - Raceland Coilover Review
Rear after - Raceland Coilover Review
Driver side rear upper mount modified to accept GD top hat - Raceland Coilover Review
Driver side rear upper mount modified to accept GD top hat - Raceland Coilover Review

What I believe a lot of people don’t understand about the high dollar coilovers that offer several ways of adjustability, and many other features, is that it takes an exceptional amount of knowledge to get the most out of such a kit. On top of this, to truly optimize such a suspension system, it needs to be very focused in its setup. Corner balancing, road surface (Nearly all tarmac is different), road conditions, projected loads, and so much more are all taken into consideration. This means that for nearly every day you drive, the suspension setup will need to be re-evaluated. Now this kind of precision is excellent for the track, but for the road and day to day driving, you will need to settle on a compromised setup, and if you’re running on a compromised setup for the majority of your cars use, then you’re not tapping into the full potential of the kit that you paid top dollar for. Now I’m not saying that Raceland coilovers offers the only solution, but I’ve been very satisfied with their product, and I believe that many others could benefit from what they offer.

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I've been running front and rear Ox lockers for about a year now; one in my high pinion D30, and my rear D44. I did run into an issue initially with the routing of the front cable, in that it got too close to my exhaust and melted, even though it was wrapped in heater hose. But this was really my own fault. As a bonus, the folks at Ox discounted my shorter replacement cable, and discounted the drive-away locks I purchased.

These lockers are great, and have performed well in loose shale, mud, rocks, and snow. I've not had one mechanical issue in the year that I've been running them (other than the routing issue mentioned above). I would highly recommend these lockers.

OX Locker Review
OX Locker Review

OX locker D44C392H-30 Pros:

  • Reliable, tough, low-maintenance, several options available, great customer support
  • These lockers provide positive engagement, and are super tough.
  • The covers are a huge bonus, as they can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse.
  • Does not rely on electric or air lines, selectable, cheaper than investing in and ARB kit.
  • Works great, simple design, 30 spline
  •  %100 Locked when engaged. Cable actuated.
  • Actuates and Deactuates Easily and Securely, Reliable, Well Made, Built to Last

OX locker D44C392H-30 Cons:

  • Routing Cable and Mounting Shifter
  • Cable was a bit of a bugger to adjust at first.
  • Proper cable routing is essential.

OX locker D44C392H-30 Reviews

#1. Ox lockers are very reliable. I have been on the trail with friends who have other manufacturer's lockers and have had issues like failures to engage due to leaks, or slipping lockers. The ability to choose engaged or open, especially between front and rear enables you to maneuver in and around obstacles in ways a normal vehicle would not.

#2. The best thing I've ever done to my Jeep. I highly recomend these lockers to anyone.

#3. It defiantly does the job. I like that it is more simple than the electric and air lockers. When making repairs on the trail simplicity is key.

#4. I got this locker because it is one of the 2 that I know of to accept the 30 spline D35 shafts, and it comes with a beefy diff cover. I didn't want to get an ARB because the air system seemed too complicated and prone to failures. The cable was a little hard to setup just right in the beginning. After a few hours of messing with it in the driveway I got it setup perfect. It's been working fine ever since. Some people say that you have to readjust the cable if you take the diff cover off, in my case this is not true at all. I've had the cover off at least 3 times that I can think of, not once have I readjusted the cable. It just works, simple as that.

#5. Great locker. Its amazing what a difference having a locker is. Easy to engage/disengage.

#6. The Ox Locker is a mechanical selectable locker for many of the popular jeep models. Easy to use once the cable is routed correctly and protected from rubbing and heat. Everything is explained in the istall instructions and the have a kick butt web support.

#7. if you want a bomb-proof locker, and no worries about breaking an air line, this is the one.

#8. not completly happy with it yet. I think there may be some adjustment problems. Sometimes when you reall need it, it kicks in immediately. Other times it doesn't. you have to play around with it, shift it in and out, back up and go forward until it clicks in.

#9. This is a very well thought out design which gives it great function and reliability. It takes some ingenuity to determine where best to put the shifter and route the cable for your particular application. Really straight forward in terms of installing and am really impressed overall!

May you happy with these OX Locker Reviews. Let's choose one for your jeep.

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